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Russia has surrounded Ukraine from three sides. Here’s where an invasion could be launched

As frantic diplomatic initiatives are built to avert war, Russia declared Tuesday that some of its troops would return to foundation right after finishing recent drills on Ukraine’s doorstep, but stated that big armed forces exercises would proceed.

Even now, Western leaders and analysts are warning that Russia’s armed service poses an immediate menace to Ukraine.

If an invasion ended up to take place, it is not crystal clear where by it would start off. Russia has established strain points on a few sides of Ukraine — in Crimea to the south, on the Russian side of the two countries’ border, and in Belarus to the north.

Below are the three fronts Ukraine and the West are looking at, and the latest Russian actions detected in every.

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Most notice has been paid to the breakaway locations of Donetsk and Luhansk, exactly where Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists have been in conflict due to the fact 2014.

The foremost assumption of those observing Russian movements is that Moscow could boost the army might it presently possesses in the location, thus earning eastern Ukraine the least difficult place from which to launch an invasion.

Satellite imagery attained by CNN demonstrates that a significant foundation at Yelnya, which held Russian tanks, artillery and other armor, has been mostly emptied, with the machines evidently becoming moved considerably nearer to the frontier in the latest days.

Huge quantities of weaponry had been moved to the base late in 2021 before disappearing — including some 700 tanks, infantry battling vehicles and ballistic missile launchers. Social media videos given that display some of that equipment on trains and roads much further south in the Bryansk area, which is near to Ukraine. The armor and vehicles are identifiably from the identical units that experienced pre-positioned at Yelnya.

Stephen Wooden, senior director at satellite imagery company Maxar, told CNN: “It appears to me like a substantial quantity of the motor vehicles [tanks, self-propelled artillery and other support vehicles] have departed from the northeastern motor vehicle park more armored vehicles departed from the much more central vehicle park.”

Meanwhile, heightened activity in the Kursk and Belgorod Oblasts, which border northeastern Ukraine, has added to issues.

“We are looking at a enormous influx of vehicles and staff in Kursk,” Konrad Muzyka, an professional in tracking armed forces movements with Rochan Consulting, warned on Twitter.

Phillip Karber of the Potomac Foundation in Washington, who has also analyzed Russian troop movements in element, explained to CNN this month: “Russia’s strongest offensive development — the 1st Guards Tank Army, which is normally stationed in the Moscow region — has moved south 400 kilometers (250 miles) and is assembling in the the best possible place for a rapid armored offensive on the Khursk-Kyiv invasion route.”


Considerations have also grown more than a broad develop-up of Russian troops in Belarus, a region carefully allied to Moscow that could offer a different way into Ukraine.

Russia and Belarus started 10 days of joint military drills on February 10, the size and timing of which has sparked fears in the West.

Moscow’s deployment into Belarus is believed to be its major there considering the fact that the Cold War, with “an envisioned 30,000 battle troops, Spetsnaz special procedure forces, fighter jets which includes SU-35, Iskander twin-able missiles and S-400 air defense methods,” NATO Secretary Normal Jens Stoltenberg explained on February 3.

It is also the biggest exercise the Belarusian armed forces have executed at any time of yr, according to the Centre for Strategic and Intercontinental Experiments (CSIS). Russia’s Ministry of Protection claimed the function of the drills, referred to as “Allied Resolve-2022,” involved repelling “exterior aggression.”

Some worry the create-up factors to a Russian strategy to surge toward Kyiv from the north. One European diplomat explained to CNN earlier this thirty day period that the massing of forces is a “significant, massive fret,” noting this would be the missing piece that Moscow would need to have to launch a quick assault on the Ukrainian cash.

The joint drills would also give deal with for a flanking motion by means of Belarus and into northern Ukraine, CSIS warns.
Satellite images released by Maxar in early February appeared to show that Russia’s armed service experienced sophisticated deployments at many locations in Belarus. The deployments are probable joined to the joint exercise routines, but other photographs exhibit camps getting founded near to the border with Ukraine, hundreds of miles from where the physical exercises are having area.
Troops and gear deployed to an spot in close proximity to the Belarusian metropolis of Rechitsa — considerably less than 30 miles (45 kilometers) from the border with Ukraine — appeared on February 14 to have departed, though it was not crystal clear to wherever, in accordance to the Maxar imagery.

But if Russia had been to focus on the Belarusian border as its entry point to Ukraine, the route would be fraught with issues.

Russian troopers would have to negotiate the Pinsk Marshes, also known as the Pripet Marshes, just one of Europe’s greatest wetlands, which straddles the border among Belarus and Ukraine — a dense, waterlogged and densely forested terrain stretching across 104,000 square miles.

That region impeded Nazi forces all through Procedure Barbarossa, Germany’s doomed invasion of the Soviet Union, in 1941.

In accordance to the Institute for the Study of War, “the marshes can be difficult, in some sites most likely extremely hard, for mechanized forces to traverse when moist.”


The peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014 would give a all-natural staging floor for any new procedure, but it is unclear whether or not Moscow would try to start a move into Ukraine from Crimea.

At minimum 60 helicopters have landed inside of the previous number of times at a beforehand vacant airbase at Donuzlav Lake on the northwest coastline of Crimea, according to Maxar’s satellite photos dated February 13. The arrival of the helicopters coincides with a big Russian naval training in the Black Sea, involving a lot more than 30 ships.

And big deployment of troops and gear have been observed by Maxar, which assesses that more than 550 troop tents and hundreds of vehicles have arrived north of the Crimean capital, Simferopol.
A more recent satellite image from Maxar shows troops and equipment at Oktyabrskoye airfield, Crimea, Ukraine, on February 10, 2022.

A new deployment was discovered by Maxar for the very first time on Thursday near the city of Slavne on the northwest coast of Crimea, which include armored cars.

These new deployments were noticed on the exact working day that quite a few Russian warships arrived in Sevastopol, Crimea’s main port. The Russian Defense Ministry posted images Thursday of 6 big amphibious landing ships at the port.

Ukraine’s Navy responded that “Russia proceeds to militarize the Black Sea Area, transferring more landing ships to place force on Ukraine and the environment.”

New satellite images show continuing Russian military buildup on three sides of Ukraine

Ukraine’s naval forces “are ready for growth of any situations and provocations, to defend the state from the sea,” it extra.

Any shift into southern Ukraine could be aided by troops in Transnistria, the Russian-supported breakaway area of Moldova, where make-up has also been described.

CSIS analysts say Russian troops could try a coup de major on Odessa, a Ukrainian port city the northwest of Crimea, by “sailing its amphibious ships straight into Odessa’s port and shifting right into the town.”

It phone calls such a transfer “a high achieve but also a high-risk procedure.” Odessa is a perfectly-populated metropolis and urban overcome there would favor those people defending it, even though Russian forces would want to eliminate Ukraine’s air defenses and then backlink up with troops arriving from the east of the place.

CNN’s Tim Lister, Gianluca Mezzofiore and Olga Voitovych contributed reporting.

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