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How to make her say “yes” to your fantasies

How to make her say “yes” to your fantasies

Men and women have fantasies that they would like to fulfill. But many times men find it difficult. Learn how to convince your partner to make your fantasies come true!

The couples who seek help and tell them that the first thing to work is the reciprocity in sex, are those that do not see again for a long time until you send me a photograph of them on holiday with a thank you for the advice.

The fantasies of a man are very important. A woman experiences sex with her entire body and mind most of the time, but a man hardly comes to brain stimulation. His fantasies are one of those few moments that allow him to reach his spiritual peak.

I know men who are ashamed to ask for things because they do not want to experience rejection. So escorts showed everyone how to make her say yes to your fantasies.

Speak openly for your fantasies

All couples have fantasies. There are 3 categories, those that remain in the mind as ideas, those that we want to offer to the other person, and those that we are going to realize in our lives. As a couple, you have common fantasies, but there are also your other half. Talk to your partner honestly and delicately, so that you learn her fantasies and she gets to know yours.

Find the common points

Once you find the commonalities in your fantasies, then the sex game can change completely. Many couples are ashamed to talk and keep it to themselves, sharing it with friends or experts. It is wrong. Find what you want to do. It can be sex in a public place, it can be on a beach, you can wear uniforms or whatever. Fulfill the simplest and most common fantasies and keep going.

Fulfilled her own fantasies

Many men make the mistake of believing that they are the only one who have fantasies. A woman who does not have a generous partner will not give him things either. If you want to easily say yes to one of your fantasies, try to offer her the corresponding joy. Explain to her how much your fantasy would please her since you have fulfilled her and you will see that she will change her mind.

Make her a special gift

You can give her an object or an experience related to your fantasy as a gift. Women love gifts and will surely see it as an occasion to fulfill your fantasy. For example, it can be lingerie, foreplay, or even an excursion to find more time.

Choose the right place

Depending on your partner, you may need to offer her a ” safe ” environment such as your home or an environment that will make her transform and enter the sexual game, such as a hotel. Some women need the security of personal space to manifest. Many women are made to think that there are other couples next to them and they become very aroused. If it is one of them, prepare to satisfy many of your fantasies and perhaps  introduce you to others.

What if one of yours fantasies is a sex tape?

Maybe all couples want at some point in their life to experiment making a sex tape, that is, an amateur love movie in which they are the main stars. We are not talking about professional productions, but about something very personal between the couple, which will enjoy the shooting process and which can be used as a foreplay in the future.  But a sex tape with the wrong person can be tantamount to disaster for a variety of reasons.

Time counts

The time you are in a relationship with someone counts a lot. You should not trust a partner you know for a while to shoot a sex tape because you do not know where it may end up. Several women after their separation I saw their sex tape circulating on the internet as revenge porn material, that is, as revenge. In a long time, you know all the appearances of your partner and you know how mature he is for something like that.

Be your choice

Many women turn to one or more sex tapes because they want to. But this is not always the case. It is not uncommon for a sex tape to be a product of ” grace ” or giving in to partner pressure. These are problematic situations or pitfalls and should be avoided by every woman. If you are not mature, ready, and want it, do not do it.

To stay between you

Make sure you know what kind of partner you are. They share everything with friends or holding things and for him? If this is the first case then have a few thoughts, as they can see your sex tape too. A sex tape should be left between the couple only. The best thing for both of you to do is not tell others.

Draw it together

If all else fails, get ideas from others, like athens escorts . It can have a script or it can just be free. Be in your space or somewhere else. Because there will be no one else pulling you, you need to think about lighting issues. All of this can come naturally, but a really good sex tape is a product of common decisions.

Protect it

If you turned it over, make sure it is stored and protected. The best solution is on an external hard drive so that it does not risk being intercepted and you see it accidentally on the internet or even worse, as your acquaintances say. One of them should not forget it on an unprotected computer or on a mobile phone, not upload it online, and never share it on social media. If you are sure about this and all the above, then make your fantasies come true!

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