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Why doesn’t hot water run in my house?

Isn’t it very annoying when we return tou our home after a long day, assuming there is hot water to take a relaxing bath? If you have experienced the scene, you will know what emotion we are talking about. You turn on the tap waiting for it to finally relax, to end the day in a beautiful way, and suddenly you realize that the hot water is not running at all, or the pressure is too low, or cold water is running from the hot water tap. As a result, you end up despairing and getting more angry than before.

Plenty of us have been through this phase, do not worry. We will be honest with you, it is difficult to repair the plumbing of the house without the help of a professional plumber. There are some things you can do on your own, but they will not solve the problem permanently, so it would be good to look for an experienced professional as soon as possible. You can, of course, know the common problems that arise and deprive you of your hot water and what you can do personally to deal with them.

Why doesn’t hot water run in my house?

Salts into the pipes

During the times of use, various chemicals accumulate in the pipes of our houses. This can eventually, block the passage of the water inside them. We are saying that the inner of the pipes has a chance to be partially or completely blocked, resulting in a low water pressure. In extreme scenarios, there is a chance for the water not to run at all. You can call the professionals for help Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου –. If hot water is not running, think of this homemade solution that  worth trying, before you call a specialist. In a plastic bag, put enough white vinegar.

You can put the phone of the shower into the bag, and secure it with a rubber band. You will have to leave your home for some hours. After this time, you can try to remove the bag and open your shower. If the problem was not big eventually, it should have been resolved. If you don’t see any difference,then the problem is bigger and it is time to turn to a plumber.

Pipes are frozen

A problem that tends in places where winter temperatures are low. At the summer it is unlikely to have this kind of problem. The problem focuses to the fact that hot water does not run for some period throught your pipes or even the cold water. You should take action especially during winder, where the outside temperatures are very low and droping dramatically after evening. One solution to this problem is to leave some water running into your pipes, making the risk of freezing quite smaller. This is a fact that can save you from a lot of trouble and of course money.

Failure into the pressure regulator

There is a possiibility for the water pressure to drop down in your home, if there is damage to your pressure regulator. If the water pressure regulator breaks down, it is likely to reduce the pressure of the water flow in the house. It is not a damage that can cost an outrageous amount to repair, but because it is a plumbing issue, it is a good idea to turn to a professional for help. The problem may also be located in the central water valve. And in this case, it may not be a good idea to try to fix it yourself.

Water leaking

One of the most common problems in your situation, is the the fact that your pipes maybe have a damage from the period of using them. Something unpleasant but you shoul be prapared. There is always a possibility of cracks, that means that you are gonna find water leaks into your home and a water pressure droping down semantically.

Another case is the one of leaking, in case that you see a drop in the pressure of water. One way to be sure about that, is the one where you turn off the main water valve while checking the position of the meter. Then you can come back in a while and check the meter posotion again. If there is a difference, then you probably have an interior leak and you shoul call for help. 

Damaged electric water heater

If you notice that cold water runs like usualbut the hot water is not running at all, there is a big possibility to have a problem with your water heater. In that case you have a traditional heater, an electric one, it’s best not to practise to find the fault. The electrical parts of our house are dangerous points. It is difficult to make our way successfully with them, in case we do not have the appropriate knowledge. More probably, the fault is in the electrical resistance, or the thermostat. Both scenarios, you need to replace them and it is a good idea to call for a professional.

Damaged solar water heater

Also hear, we have a case where the cold water runs as always, but the hot one doesn’t. There are some points to search, if you have a solar water heater installed in your home. One of them is the level of the antifreezing. In case you notice that there is not the right quantity in the tank, then you should refill it, something that you can do by your own. One second thing is checking the position of the solar heater. In all other cases you should call for a professional.

There is a chance, that the solar water heater covered by shade for long periods. In this case, the water does not gonna heat up. You should call a specialist to do a repositioning of the heater. Of course, we are talking about a water heater of good maintenance. Pipes that connect to your home may also be damaged and this is also a good time to call for a specialist. 

We hope had help you to understant some of the basic reason to your problem. If you are not the diy type of guy, you don;t have to worry. Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου is here to help you with all of your problems. Contact as and the process will be fast enought, so you can enjoy a hot bath as soon as possible

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